Champions Club

Each of our customers is a champion just because they play in the most legendary Latvian online casino! And champions here are rewarded acordingly. The Champions Club loyalty program is for everyone. Collect points by placing bets or playing at the casino. For every 1000 points you will receive 1 euro. The more points, the bigger the multiplier, the more impressive the Champions Club cash every week.

In your gaming account, you can easily track your progress, your multiplier, and the amount of points you need to collect to maintain your Champion Club level.


Casino, sports betting or Live casino


The amount depends on the bet, level and game multiplier


Every week on Monday


Level 1

Level 1

Required points - 0 • Points to maintain Champions club level - 0 • Level multiplier - 0.50x

Level 2

Level 2

Required points - 100 • Points to maintain Champions club level - 200 • Level multiplier - 1.00x

Level 3

Level 3

Required points - 500 • Points to maintain Champions club level - 2500 • Level multiplier - 1.20x

Level 4

Level 4

Required points - 5000; Points to maintain Champions club level - 2500; Level multiplier - 1.30x

Level 5

Level 5

Required points - 12 000; Points to maintain Champions club level - 7000; Level multiplier - 1.40x

Level 6

Level 6

Required points - 26 000; Points to maintain Champions club level - 24 500; Level multiplier - 1.50x

Level 7

Level 7

Required points - 75 000; Points to maintain Champions club level - 50 000; Level multiplier - 1.75x

Level 8

Level 8

Required points - 175 000; Points to maintain Champions club level - 50 000; Level multiplier - 2.00x

Level 9

Level 9

Required points - 300 000; Points to maintain Champions club level - 50 000; Level multiplier - 2.50x

Points calculation: Bet Amount * Game Multiplier * Level Multiplier

Bet amount is any bet in slots, Sports bet or Live Casino bet.

Your level multiplier depends on the points you have already accumulated, for example at level zero the multiplier is 0.50 and at level 9 it is 2.50.

The game multiplier is the multipliers assigned to the different game categories. It's 1.0 for all slot games. For sports bets 2.0. For Live Blackjack, Baccarat, Game Shows, Video Poker and Table Games this multiplier is 0.2. But Live Roulette is excluded from this program.

You can see your points and level status in your gaming account. The accumulated amount will be paid on Monday of every week, it must be claimed by pressing the button. Every 1000 points is 1 euro per week.

Read more about Champions Club rules, levels and game multipliers below.


When playing any slot or live casino game (except Live Roulette) or placing sports bets, the player earns points, which are exchanged for cash prizes every Monday.

Cash prizes are calculated based on the number of points collected in the respective week, with 1 euro awarded for every 1000 points. The reward amount is rounded down to the nearest euro.

The program consists of 9 distinct levels, ranging from 0 to 8, each associated with specific point requirements and multipliers.

Each level has a designated multiplier. The multiplier increases as the level increases, meaning that players at higher levels earn points faster than those at lower levels.

Cash prizes are calculated every Monday at 12:00. They must be claimed within 7 days after calculation. Money can be claimed by clicking on the respective button in player's gaming account.

If a cash prize is not claimed within 7 days, it will expire and no longer be available.

The point count is calculated as follows: bet amount in euros x achieved level multiplier x game multiplier. Player's current level and its multiplier can be viewed at the top of the Champions club section in the gaming account.

The game multiplier varies for different game categories. For all slot games, it is 1.0. For sports bets, it is 2.0. For Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Game Shows, Video Poker, and table games, this multiplier is 0.2. Bet Live Roulette is excluded from this program.

Monthly progress through levels is achieved by reaching the necessary points to reach the next level, and upon reaching the required points for the next level, the level is immediately increased.

In addition to reaching a new level, players must also accumulate a certain number of points to maintain their current level.

On the first day of each month, the system recalculates a player's level based on the accumulated points, and the required points are visible in the Champions club section for each level.

  • If enough points are collected, the level remains unchanged.
  • If not, the level decreases by one.

After the recalculation, regardless of whether the player maintains or loses the level, the new month in this level is reset to 0 points.

Level freezing - once every 12 months, a player can freeze their level for one month. reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.

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